Drawstring/Dice Bags
Our bags are all lined, the edges serged and tied. The seams won't come apart on you. We want them to last. There are plain, specialty fabric and embroidered bags. We even have backpack size bags as well.
  1. Adipose Bag and You're Weird
  2. My unique fuzzy creature bags
  3. Wampa bag
  4. Purple fuzzy creature
  5. Tardis
  6. Origami Bag
  7. Star Wars Fabric Drawstring Bag
  8. Vader Bag
  9. Pokemon Bag
  10. Embroidered Phoenix
  11. Embroidered Beholder
  12. Embroidered Fairy
  13. Steampunk Octopus Embroidered Bag
  14. Bag of Doom!
  15. Owlbear Bag
  16. Title 32
  17. Bottle Gift Bag
  18. Ornament Shaped Gift Bag
  19. Ornament Shaped Gift Bag
  20. Drawstring Backpack
  21. Goblin Bag
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