Unicorn – Deluxe Gaming Set


Unicorn – Deluxe foldable dice tower, dice and embroidered dice bag set for role playing and tabletop gaming

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This wonderful role playing game set is perfect for new and old gamers alike. It comes with a set of white dice with gold numbers, a dice tower made by Firefly Lasers from Birch and acrylic and a dice bag made by me. The tower and dice will fit inside the bag. Check out Firefly lasers for a video of how well the tower fits in the bag: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FireflyLasers

About the Dice Bag:
This is a fully lined dice bag. It has a large opening for larger hands, which makes it easy to access your dice or game pieces. These bags are great for blind draw games such as Dice Masters or Carcassone. This bag is made from light purple faux raw silk fabric for the outer fabric. It has an white unicorn embroidered on the purple fabric. This bag has a gray fabric lining the inside and white ribbon drawstrings. This bag is 7 inches high, 4 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches deep. All edges are finished with a serger to ensure durability. Corners are knotted (outer fabric and lining fabric) to reduce stress on the bottom seams. The ribbons are heated to prevent unraveling.
They also make great gift bags!!!

About the Dice Tower:
These dice towers stand approximately 5″ tall and are composed of two pieces. The first piece being the tower which is two layers of high quality materials. The inner layer, which holds the wooden dice randomizing baffles, is made of a cast acrylic substrate. The acrylic is white semi-opaque. Surrounding that acrylic on the tower is 3mm birch plywood. The plywood has been cut into a design to showcase the acrylic underneath. The second component of this tower is a removable tray cover. This cover is made of 3mm birch plywood and is designed to cover the face of the tower when not in use. Then to use the tower the cover is removed and the tower is placed inside in order for the cover to be used as a personal tray for the dice to land in while using the tower. The tower doubles as a dice storage box.

The towers retail for $25, the bag retails for $20 and the dice retail for $7, so at this price, its like getting the dice FREE!!!!

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 5 in


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